A Warrior Cats RPG. Old have been forgotten, New have begun the destiny of all. What fates may lie is under your control as you step into the warrior cat world. Will you take the struggles of life as a Warrior? Or be consumed in fear of the misguided?
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PostSubject: THOAW.    Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:22 am


βσяɛ∂ αи∂ тιяɛ∂ σғ тнɛ ƨαмɛ σℓ∂ ғσяʋмƨ?
˩σσκιиɢ ғσя α ɢσσ∂, αcтιʌɛ ғσяʋм тσ ʝσιи?

Ħɛяɛ ιƨ ʏσʋя cнαиcɛ!

Ƭнɛ Ħɛαят Ѳғ Δ Ɯαяяισя ιƨ αℓℓ тнαт αи∂ мσяɛ. Ɩт ιƨ α ƨιмρℓɛ, вʋт ɛϰcιтιиɢ яσℓɛρℓαʏ ωιтн α вяɛαтн-тακιиɢ, иɛαт ∂ɛƨιɢи αи∂ αи ɛϰρɛяιɛиcɛ∂ α∂мιиιƨтяαтσя, αℓσиɢ ωιтн нɛℓρғʋℓ ƨтαғғ. Ɯɛ αяɛ ƨɛɛκιиɢ мɛмвɛяƨ. Ƭнɛяɛ ιƨ тняєє ωση∂єяƒυℓ cℓαиƨ ʏσʋ cσʋℓ∂ ʝσιи, SтσиɛCℓαи, NɛттℓɛCℓαи, αη∂ IνуCℓαη. Ѳя, ʏσʋ cσʋℓ∂ вɛ α яσɢʋɛ/ℓσиɛя, σя ɛʌɛи α Ƙιттʏ-ρɛт.

Ɯɛ ʝʋƨт нαʌɛ σиɛ ρяσвℓɛм.. ωɛ иɛɛ∂ ʏσʋ. ;P

Ɯɛℓℓ.. ωнαт αяɛ ʏσʋ ωαιтιиɢ ғσя?

☼ βɛɢιи тнɛ α∂ʌɛитʋяɛ. ☼

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PostSubject: Re: THOAW.    Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:00 am

There will NOT be any spamming on my site! Until you've been roleplaying here for a while, then I can give you the approval. Obviously this is thrown to be spam!
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