A Warrior Cats RPG. Old have been forgotten, New have begun the destiny of all. What fates may lie is under your control as you step into the warrior cat world. Will you take the struggles of life as a Warrior? Or be consumed in fear of the misguided?
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 All Clan Ranks

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Kit: A kit is a cat under the age of six moons, still living in the nursery with its mother and littermates. Kits may be mischievous, and are known to bother warriors and elders. However, they tend to be interested in the stories the elders tell. Most kits are eager to begin their apprenticeship before they reach six moons of age. A kit's name must end with the suffix '-kit'.

Apprentice: Apprentices have their own den in the Clan camp where they sleep. Once an apprentice earns their warrior name they are a full warrior and are able to contribute to warrior duties. Sometimes apprentices are referred to as 'paws' as mentioned in Fading Echoes. Apprentices can change their position as a warrior or medicine cat apprentice if they get permission, or if they have a certain injury.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Medicine cat apprentices are taught about healing techniques, such as how to care for a sick cat, or what herbs and medicines do. They are usually taught in the medicine cat's den, or outside the camp when they gather herbs. They also learn how to interpret signs from StarClan.
After a medicine cat mentor is satisfied with their apprentice they are given a warrior name in a slightly diffrent ceremony than a regular apprentice's. They are still known as an apprentice until the current medicine cat retires, or joins StarClan.

Warriors: Warriors make up most of a Clan: each cat is, was, or will be a warrior (except medicine cats) unless they die before they become a warrior. When a she-cat expects or nurses kits, she temporarily gives up her warrior duties, but takes them up again when her kits are apprenticed. Although, sometimes this is not true, as some cats would rather stay in the nursery to help other arrivals of new kits.

A senior warrior is a warrior who is older and more experienced than the others, but has not decided to become an elder yet , and would rather serve their Clan as long as they can. Senior warriors are given respect, and are often asked for advice by the Clan leader. In the warriors' den, the senior warriors sleep towards the middle where it is warmest, while the younger warriors sleep towards the sides.

Queens A queen is a warrior she-cat that is expecting or has recently given birth to a litter of kits. Though known to be overly-protective of kits, queens usually are compassionate and kind, and in many cases they have been known to convince their mates or Clan leaders to take in cats in need of help.
While kits are weaned at two moons, the queens remain in the nursery until they are named apprentices to ensure proper care and education. Sometimes - although it is very rare - a queen leaves the nursery before her kit(s) become apprentices. Also, sometimes they leave before all of their kits become apprentices.

Elders: An elder is a Clan cat that has served his or her Clan faithfully, but has now retired. They are wise and are held in high respect by the other cats; their counsel and knowledge is sought several times even by Clan leaders, though they are often described as grumpy. Although elders spend most of their time in their den, they may leave the camp if they wish to do so, such as to take a walk to stretch their legs or to hunt. Sometimes, they participate in Gatherings.

Medicine cat: Medicine cats are Clan cats who treat diseases and injuries, and who receive directions and guidance from StarClan. They have their own den in the Clan camp, where they sleep, store herbs, and treat wounded or sick cats. Medicine cats are not allowed to take mates or have kits, (so that their work will not be disturbed), although, this has happened before. They also usually stay outside Clan rivalries. Medicine cats have a special way of getting their full name. They are deeply respected by their Clanmates and no cat dares argue with them. Though most medicine cats believe in StarClan, a few rare exceptions, have become medicine cats even though they don't believe in StarClan.

Deputy: Deputies are second in command of a Clan. A deputy is chosen by the leader to be their successor. Deputies sleep in the Warrior's Den and do not have their own. Deputies are responsible for organizing daily patrols for the Clan. If a Clan leader is unable to lead a Clan temporarily due to sickness, being away from the Clan, etc., then the deputy would take over for that time. If a deputy is sick or injured, then a Warrior will temporarily take his or her place.

Leader: Leaders are the head of their Clan. Their personality is the same as their Clan's and describes how his/her Clanmates treat others. The word of the Clan leader is law, proclamined by the warrior code, and all other Clan cats must obey them. They have their own den, and are assisted by a deputy in their tasks. They are responsible for the whole Clan, calling Clan meetings, appointing cats to new ranks, and making the toughest decisions. Each Clan has one leader, and their names end with the suffix -star.
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All Clan Ranks
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