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 Sirenpaw of NoClan

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PostSubject: Sirenpaw of NoClan   Sirenpaw of NoClan EmptyTue Feb 28, 2012 1:47 am

Character Name: Sirenpaw (Sirencall when warrior)

Character Age: Ten moons

Gender: She-cat

Alliance: NoClan

Rank: Apprentice/loner

Sirenpaw has a short-furred pelt of jet-black with a narrow blaze of swan-white going from her nuzzle to belly. Her face, ears, paws, and tails are of a much lighter hue. Her sharp emerald eyes are in the habit of peering suspiciously at her surroundings. When her acute ears pick up any weird sounds, they point to abnormal angles, something she had always been embarrassed of. The hereditary swirl of black and gray on her left shoulder is obvious. Her kinked tail has a fashion and manner of waving around wildly in the air when excited.

Sirenpaw loves to find danger, and danger loves to find her. If danger is her middle name, then trouble will be her last name. With her normal sly expression, one can easily take her for a very tricky and skilled cat, and rightly so. Living as a loner has altered her love for socializing. You will usually find her in solitude, rarely will you see her with any cat, friend or foe. When she was young, a tom she had a crush on had said she was never going to get a mate; so sadly, Sirenpaw dislikes any tom who comments on her being beautiful. It would take a very special tom to change her firm belief.

Likes: Danger, trouble, love, water, acting coy with unsuspecting toms.
Dislikes: Twolegs, strong/close ties with cats, crowds (Twolegs being the worse).
Strengths: Swift on her feet, excellent climbing skills, acute hearing, good swimmer, very sneaky and sly.
Weaknesses: Gets into trouble and danger, easily falls in love, shuns crowds of cats, quite prideful.

Raised in the famous RiverClan, naturally Sirenpaw was brought up to honor and keep the Warrior Code. However, she had inherited a stubborn and rebellious streak from her mixed-blood ancestors. Her mother's parents were from WindClan, but her mother claimed loyalties with ShadowClan. Her father's parents were rouges kicked out of ThunderClan, and her deceased father had ties with BloodClan. The two forbidden mates brought her to RiverClan, thinking she would be safe; but only after a few moons they were killed by Twolegs, for unknown reasons.

A kind queen took care of the troublemaker Sirenkit, but by the time Sirenkit was apprenticed (and becoming Sirenpaw), the queen had a litter, making her unable to watch the apprentice any longer. Then, when she was tempted with a chance to disobey the code for an unlawful assessment, she jumped at the chance, and was deported as the result of the severe punishment. Since then, she has learned how to survive and live as a banished loner, young as she was. Nonetheless, while her exile time was over, that same streak which banished her in the first place now prevented her from returning. So instead to going back to her home-Clan, she has taken on the role of a loner, which she seems to favor so far.

Comments: I figured that a loner will be easier to RP with. Very Happy Like the bio?
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PostSubject: Re: Sirenpaw of NoClan   Sirenpaw of NoClan EmptyTue Feb 28, 2012 9:11 pm

I see what you did there!
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Sirenpaw of NoClan
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