A Warrior Cats RPG. Old have been forgotten, New have begun the destiny of all. What fates may lie is under your control as you step into the warrior cat world. Will you take the struggles of life as a Warrior? Or be consumed in fear of the misguided?
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 Overall rules

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Overall rules Empty
PostSubject: Overall rules   Overall rules EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 9:29 pm

Overall Rules:

- Always be kind to others at all times

- No spamming or advertising, excluding in your signature

- Whining and/or nagging is not appreciated in this establishment

- Copying someone else's work without permission is prohibited and is punishable to be banned
RP Rules:

1- All role-play posts should be used in third person, not anything else. Please attempt to use proper grammar.

2- You cannot play your character unless you have a written bio in Make A Cat and it has been approved. Otherwise, you will be given a warning.
- You MUST fill out the history sheet, show what they have gone through to where they are now. There is an exception to kits though, as they would be newborn and have minimal history.

3- Playing someone else's character without valid permission is prohibited

4- Godmodding/Powerplaying (having your character dodge every or nearly every attack thrown at them/making them unbelievably powerful) Is prohibited

5- Having your character know something they shouldn't is not allowed, unless you have proven permission

6- All clan cats have compound names of 2 english words (Depending on the name, an exception for a name of another language is acceptable)

7- If you put your character in unrealistic danger {5 cats versus 1, for example}, they may be killed if you don't flee! Be real here!

Other Rules:

- While in Role Play, use OOC (Out of Character) to speak to another player while in game, but nothing along the lines of OOC Role Play, there's a reason for an Off Topic section

If you are still having troubles, contact me or Moderator Silverstar for any more questions and/or Suggestions.
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Overall rules
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